Things to do after getting a lip filler!

All the analysis has been completed. Your positive lip fillers are the best option. Then you did the procedure. What now? Your doctor who has done the filling therapy with you will also give you an aftercare list so you know what to expect. Get in touch with Hollywood smile dental clinic Dubai for all relevant services. Lips augmentation Dubai can be one of their best services.

That said certain things might not even be listed by the more attentive physicians.

Minimum treatment is taken

In comparison to some cosmetic therapies, dermal fillers do not need a significant recuperation and downtime. Many patients find they will recover immediately after the treatment, meaning that the procedure has gained a reputation as a so-called lunch break therapy.

The progressive effects produce much more normal results

If as soon as the swelling disappears, you find that your lips do not feel as dull as they should be, please remember that the prescribed direction is progressively to raise the lip filler. You can go for all at once and have expanded lips, or you can opt for tiny and steady rises that seem to be so much more normal. It would be a smart idea to explore this before the operation with your doctor so you can expect a lot of realistic results once you get home.

Bruising is distinct for people.

Bruising is still a risk, although it can differ significantly from person to person. In some patients, no fluid can be seen at all and in others, the level of fluid can be shocked. Stop aspirin and supplements that will dilute the blood and lead to more bruising after the treatment. Be mindful that after a few days it will normally subside.

If you are disappointed with the outcome, think

One of the strongest advantages of lip fillers such as acid hyaluronic is that if you are not pleased with them, they will potentially be reversed. You should easily go back to the doctor’s office and get an enzyme called hyaluronidase inserted into your lips. If you feel that the plumped lip look is not the best one for you. This enzyme dissolves the filler essentially so that your body can consume and metabolize your defense.