Facts About Dubai

You must be wondering that why people are preferring doing in business in Dubai this much, well, this is because there are many reasons and one of many reasons is that doing business in Dubai is easy and there are some businesses in Dubai that needs less money to start up and it has good return of income. The promotion, marketing and advertisement is so cheap that hundreds of queries pop up every day about the Dubai SEO pricing.

Some companies who do SEO of companies for the sake of promotion, marketing and advertising, they give a good package of Google AdWords as well. meaning to say that from a to z, when it comes to business, everything is easy to do. If you want to start a business then we suggest that Dubai is the best place to do it but if you want have more reasons to invest in Dubai then we suggest that you read some of findings and facts about Dubai below, so, keep reading to know more;

  • Population: a stat done in 2018 that the population of Dubai had crossed over 3 million people and it was then declared the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Best Emirate: this is the only emirate that is the first priority of any tourists and it has had many awards of being the best tourist city of all times in the world. And there are some people who have a misconception that Dubai is a country.
  • Language: even though the national language of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is Arabic, but 80 percent of the people speak English there. but there are now some companies who say that one knows Arabic, only then they will be hired.
  • Dubai Airport: the airport of Dubai is also known as the best airport of the world and it is listed also among the biggest airports of the world as well.
  • Shawarma: the most famous dish of United Arab Emirates or any gulf or you can say bay countries is Hummus but the shawarma is the most consumed delicacy in Dubai and if you want to start a business then you must open the shop of shawarma and see your business charts cross the highest point and it will soon become a good business.