Factors that impact male fertility

Factors that impact male fertility

If truth be told, there are many couples who face fertility issues that keep them away from the joys and happiness of becoming parents. Some stay calm and keep trying, a few get stressed and emotionally weak that affects the happiness of their married life. There are those too who act smart and waste no time in looking for causes, treatments and even consider opting for IVF treatment in Dubai.

If you are also facing problems in conceiving, you should consult a reputable fertility expert right away. Doing so will make you understand the reason behind the inability to conceive. There can be infertility issues with husband, wife or even with both. Only proper diagnosis can help you choose the right treatment for the successful conception to have a baby.  There are many different factors that can cause infertility among men and women. In case, the test results suggest that there are fertility issues with the male partner out of you two, first thing you must need to learn is the factors that may have contributed in creating this problem. Believe it or not, knowing the cause can make it very easy for you as a couple to deal with the problem without undergoing any major fertility treatment if the problem is not of a very serious nature. Following are a few major factors that affect male fertility:

Excessive smoking

Smoking is considered one of the major reasons behind male infertility. Excessive smoking affects blood vessels and shrinks their size which reduces the amount of blood flow in body. It also reduces the amount of oxygen supply to the major organs which results as infertility issues.

Excessive fat in your body

If you don’t know already, excessive weight is not only responsible for increasing risks of blood pressure and a number of cardiac issues but it can also affect the amount and quality of sperm production. Excessive fat can also cause ejaculation and erection issues in men.

Regular use of specific medicines

Those who have to use medicines to control diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and various drug addictions may face low sperm production.

Nature of your Job

In some cases, the nature of your job can also affect your fertility. Being exposed to certain chemicals on a regular basis can cause male infertility.

There are many other factors that can add to the problem. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to consult with a professional fertility expert right away to successfully treat your infertility issues.