Important questions to ask when choosing a nursery school

Choosing a nursery school that can fulfill your children’s needs is quite a challenging and overwhelming task. As a parent, you have to pay attention to your children’s quality education, but how to find a good nursery in JBR is such a hard decision to make. Whenever you visit nursery schools, always consider the following things like

  • School hours
  • Available transportation for your kid
  • Cost and size of the school
  • Qualifications of teachers
  • School environment
  • Playspaces

In this blog, we have listed some essential questions you should consider when choosing a nursery school.

What is the educational philosophy of nursery school?

It is the most important question you should ask for nursery school before making a final decision. As a parent, take interest in the curriculum offers of nursery school. Consider schools that offer the discovery-based program and focus on the practical and drill skills of children. Moreover, look for a nursery school that provides good opportunities for students and make them learn new things. Nursery schools should have clear educational philosophy that is understandable for everyone.

What is the experience and educational background of the school?

As parents, you should be careful before choosing a nursery school. Always consider the educational background, experience, and education of teachers and other staff members. Teachers should be well qualified and have teaching training certificates. Moreover, ask about their experience in this field and credentials. Good nursery schools understand how to develop social and emotional skills in children.

Do they follow active play opportunities to develop motor skills?

A good nursery school provides plenty of active play opportunities for students. They pay attention to physical activities that help to develop motor skills in children. These physical activities make them aware of the importance of well-being and promote health. Therefore, most schools consider hiring an occupational therapist for developing motor skills in students.

Do they consider regular naps for children?

Growing children need some rest during school hours, so don’t ignore to ask about naptime for children. Mostly, nursery school provides two hours for rest, which shows the quality of the school.

Ask about potty training?

If you are children is not trained for independent toileting, it is essential to ask about the availability of potty training in the school. In Dubai, Marina nurseries provide this training to those students who are toilet trained properly.