Information about car tinting

Information about car tinting

Car tinting Dubai service providers are very common. There are a lot of companies that get the job done at a reasonable price. They also provide 3m tinting Dubai. There are a lot of different types of car tinting available. Some of them are listed in the article below.

Dyed car tinting

If your purpose to get your car tinted is the blockage of UV rays from the sun, then the dyed car tint would be the perfect choice for you. The usage of dye on the surface of the thin film is able to absorb the heat from the sun and prevents it from entering the car. Dyed car tint has an opaque surface that brings a good sense of privacy with it.

Metalized car tinting

In contrast to the dyed car tint, the metalized car tint uses very tiny metallic particles to absorb or reflect sun rays. A big advantage of using metalized thin film of coating is that it is scratch free. The metal particles on the thin lamination film are so small that they are almost invisible, thus they don’t ruin the look of the tint on the car.

Hybrid car tinting

The word hybrid means a combination of two different things. Just how the name suggests, hybrid car tint uses both the technologies of dyed and metalized car tint. The hybridization of both of them increases their advantages while reducing their disadvantages simultaneously.

Carbon car tint

It won’t be wrong to say that a carbon car tint provides the most number of advantages of tint over any other form of film lamination available in the market. A carbon car tint assists in keeping the car cool. One more advantage that carbon car tint brings with it is that it has a matte finish to it that looks striking.

Ceramic car tint

Ceramic car window tint is relatively new to the market as compared to the others. if you want to get a high quality window tint for your car then you should choose the ceramic car tint. Ceramic car tint reduces the heat from the sun up to 50% without even reducing the visibility through the wind screen. Ceramic car tint is a bit expensive from the rest of them, but the price gets compensated by the benefits of it.