History of BMW

History of BMW

Histories are very fun to read. It shows the basis of how things were before and how they are now and, on the basis of the history, we can predict what will be the future of things. And the history of cars is very fascinating. We got intrigued when we took our car in the BMW workshop in Dubai and saw some BMW’s super cars which made us think that how were the cars some years back; in the black and white years. By doing a little research, we came to know that BMW is over a hundred years old. And following is the timeline history of BMW which is quite interesting.

1916: before BMW, it was BFW and it was the abbreviation of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and it was founded in March 7 this same year and the company made motors of airplanes. But in 1922, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) shifted all their operations in BFW plant.

1917: in this year, the logo of BMW was created having the state colors of Bavaria and, in the beginning, BMW also made motors and engines for airplanes and it was the time of World War 1.

1923: this year, BMW announced that the company will be making motorbikes naming is R32 and the blueprint of model was given and was soon made too.

1928: the idea of building a car was put forward and for that they purchased a manufacturer named Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach. Failing to get a license of their own, BMW made the first car under the license of Austin Motor Co and all this happened in 1929.

1932: with the success of their first vehicle, BMW got confident and started making their own car designs with the 3/20 PS.

1941: the manufacturing of cars was slowed down because again, BMW started to supply aircraft motors and engine for the German air force.

1942: During the war, there was a lot of demand of aircraft engines and motors and the prisoners of war were forced to work in BMW.

1945: this was the downfall of BMW because allies left the company and shifted and the company had to survive on making kitchen utensils. In the same year, U.S. military govt ordered that both the plants of BMW; in Allach and Munich should be removed.

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