Get smart with cake delivery

Cakes delivery in Dubai is something very popular these days as people will get convenience in this way so they are getting this facility for their event more than ever. People are ordering cakes for different events and they need customized cakes for many events like the baby shower cake in Dubai in which they ask for adding baby figures and cute colors according to the gender of the baby. When you are asking for a cake delivery then there are some important things which you need to see in the delivery system of the baker and here you will get to know about them?

You need to first see about the vehicle which they are using as the delivery. You need to see that the vehicle should be safe for cakes to travel from one place to other. Most of the time this vehicle is a motor bike but when you need to get the delivery of a bigger cake then you should ask to send that in a car and see that whether the baker is able to send it through the car or not.

Along with the delivery vehicle you should also ask about the person who is coming for delivery. Sometimes the bakers will use the delivery services which is a third party and they will be responsible for the safe delivery of your order but you have to ask about it and then be in touch with delivery boy to know about current location of him and telling him about the exact location where you need your delivery.

Charges are the next thing which you have to ask about. Most of the companies and bakers will provide you fee of cost delivery when you buy above a certain amount and some will give you free delivery no matter about the amount of your order and some will not give you free delivery at all so you need to ask about it. When you are getting a free delivery then you will be actually charged for it in the amount of the cake but you will be happy to listen about free delivery so it is important to know that which baker is giving you this facility. Normally delivery charges are fixed for most of the bakers but it’s better to ask to avoid future problem.